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Mary asks…

Looking for a birthday gift idea for an older lady?

who has always been like my mom to me. I do not really know what she likes, but I would like to give her something special, but not to expensive as I am not working currently. She is in her late 60s, and really sweet and loving. Always seems to be busy giving …. she likes plant and does home garden to grow organic food. She also like Ikebana. But I am sure she would appreciate anything that is useful.

I will see her this weekend at a picnic other people will be around. and want to give it to her then.

Any idea ?

admin answers:

Get her a bathrobe designed with her favorite plants or something, this site got the cutest designed bathrobes:

Sandy asks…

How can I use 10 kilos of home grown tomatoes to make a preserve, before they go soggy and rot.?

Had a major harvest of garden grown tom’s. Have used some ourselves, given loads to neighbours, but are still left with approx. 10 Kilos.

Any one got recipes for preserves, relish, chutney as They will soon rot and I don’t want to waste this organic crop?

admin answers:

You can wash and freeze them (zip lock baggies – make sure you get all the air out) and use them later.

The skins will spilt and peel off one they defrost..

There now you don’t have to panic looking for ideas how to use them right away.

I’d make homemade tomatoe sauce for sure.

Thomas asks…

What is some name brands for best organic topsoil at garden stores?

Hello everyone, I grow my own wheatgrass and now instead of getting my topsoil from random places, I want to know what is one namebrand of ORGANIC topsoil(peatmoss too) that I can stick with indefinitely-Are the name brands in the green and yellow bag in home depot good? (seems so, but just want to be sure)I would highly appreciate a simple answer to this, thank you

admin answers:

Miracle Gro is not organic as it has wetting agents and synthetic fertilizer in the soil.

At the moment there is no certification for organic top soil, peat moss and other such things. But some soil mixes carry the OMRI seal meaning that the Organic Material Review Institute people have approved it for organic use.

What you want to look for in the ingredients (yes top soil/soiless mix have ingredients) is if there is a wetting agent or fertilizer. An organic soil will either have no wetting agent or it will clearly state the wetting agent is not from petroleum/synthetic sources. If fertilizer is mentioned it is synthetic fertilizer and therefore not organic

Peat moss because it contains only peat moss is always considered organic.

James asks…

i am trying to grow cos lettuce in my garden!?

I was just wondering if there was anything organic or an old home remedie to spray for pests on my lettuce because i am highly alergic to pesticides.

Thankyou your help will be appreciated.

admin answers:

Yes. Mix a light solution of dish-soap with water to spray on the lettuce. About 1tsp in a quart of water. Just make sure you rinse the lettuce before you eat it.

Donna asks…

Confused on what soil to put in my raised garden bed.?

I am building a 4×8 raised vegetable garden bed and I would like to know what type of soil should I use. I have heard of Mel’s Mix. I also was considering doing the one third part vermiculite, one third part peat moss and one third part organic compost. Then today while I was at my local Home Depot I seen Miracle Grow Organic Choice garden soil. Would just the Miracle Grow be suitable for my vegetable garden? Or would I need to add more compost to the Miracle Grow such as worm castings or chicken manure? This is my first time at a raised bed and any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

admin answers:

Non-expert here, but if you can afford to fill it with the miracle grow i think it would do great, anything else nutrientwise i think could be poured in or side dressed in .. I would save the compost for the next season to recharge it … If the cost is prohibitive to fill it with miracle grow i wouldnt feel bad myself about cutting the miracle grow about half and half with some regular cheap potting soil and maybe mix in a bag or two of peat moss .. What i wouldnt do in a small contained bed is contaminate it with anything like raw manure or compost that isnt 100% done and sifted .. I think the straight miracle grow would be a great spot to grow stuff though myself …

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